Thursday, December 31, 2015

Positives Of Being A Pastors Kid

I am the pianist in our
Worship team.
Many times when Pastor's kids talk about what it's like to live with that title, we tend to exploit the negatives; but rarely think of the many positives that come with it! There are so many different characteristics that we develop, sometimes without even noticing. Most of these, are what I personally have learned, but also other P.K.'s have given me some great points!

  #1 Communication Skills
In any kind of church, there are bound to be different personalities. Growing up, my parents have taught me to talk and shake hands with pretty much everybody! At that time it was kind of annoying, but the more I did it, the more comfortable I became with anyone I come in contact with. After a while that talent allows you to go from talking to someone who is loud, boisterous and positive; to a person you have to play twenty questions with to find anything out about them. To a Pastors kid, learning this is survival! ;)
#2 To Wear Many Hats

This personally is something that I think gets overlooked at times. Especially in small churches, there are always  many things that need to be done and no one to do them. So, I have always tried to do whatever could be done, and sometimes that means doing quite a few things in one service. As I get older, I have noticed that it has helped me, to see that there is more I can do than I thought I could. Also it has trained me to multitask and wear more than one hat at a time.
Helping Remodel the church bathrooms.


#3 Take Initiative 
Having been brought up as the daughter of Leaders, it helps to see exactly what it means to step-in and take initiative of a situation.
This one I have a harder time doing, but just because its hard doesn't mean we are exempt from it. Some days its harder because, in order for you to take initiative, we have to get out of our comfort zone. Whether you help start a children's ministry, or become the lead musician without much warning; there will always be opportunities to build, learn and use this for the Kingdom of God.
#4 Maturity
This one is probably the one of the most important in my life. I have always considered myself to be a little more mature then my age, and both my siblings are the same way! I give credit, to my awesome parents who has given me an amazing childhood, and raised us in a Godly home. Growing up in the church has also helped a lot; by dealing with rough situations, or listening to people and their problems.  
#5 Personal Encyclopedia 
(Kelly Drury - Pastors Daughter)
One of the coolest things that can come from having Pastors who are my parents, is that if I EVER had a religious question and or problem, they are is always there to answer. God has blessed me so much, to be able to go to my dad and mom anytime I have any kind of problem! Not many have the opportunity for that, so I am very grateful that I can call my Pastors my Parents.
                    #6 Learn to be in the Public Eye

(Kurt Goss - Pastors Son)
To Pastor's kids this situation would use the analogy; 'Living under a Microscope'. There are many downsides to this, but also multiple things to be learned from these experiences. In life there are always times that everyone lives under a microscope; in school, collage or pretty much anywhere. One thing that can get overlooked is that people are watching you, yes this sounds creepy, but its true! Because if people are watching us, that means we can set an example with our attitude, demeanor and reactions.
#7 Learning to Listen
No matter who we are, there will always be situations that require A LOT of listening. To me listening can be a ministry in and of itself! If I watch someone while they talk, I can tell they are comfortable with just talking, at times I don't have to say a word and just listen. Through the years of learning this, over and over I have seen that it takes an extreme amount of patience, which brings me to my next point.
#8 Patience
There are many ways this can be learned and used. I will admit, that sometimes we just do not have it, most of us have to learn how to use it. Patience is a super helpful tool in pretty much any situation, but as a Pastor's daughter, I have found that it comes very handy.
#9 Owning the Title
     (Kurt Goss - Pastors Son)
This one I think is very important, because as you get older there is always a little scrutiny for being a Pastor's kid, which can sometimes be a challenge to accept the name completely. Being a Pastors kid is nothing to take lightly, because it makes you and molds the person you are and will become.
#10 All You Can Eat Communion
                                                                         (Kurt Goss - Pastors Son)

Last, but definitely not the least, this is my absolute favorite. It is probably one of the greatest things you can get out of being a P.K. [Just kidding!] After every communion, it was always tradition that my brother, sister and I would take back all of the leftover, bread and grape juice and finish it off! Those still are the best Sunday's ever and I know that I am not alone in this.
My new PK friend Kurt, mentioned this and I felt I must agree and share!

You see now, only a few of the many positive things that come out of having a Pastor for a Father. Also that every single one these listed, are used and will be for the rest of my life! Except for the communion eating. ;)




  1. Felecia this was a great article and we are sure blessed to have someone to help clean up the communion for us.(ha-ha)

  2. Wonderful post. Tis true PK's can look on the +ve's. Here's a post about my son who is now 17 and a PK

  3. As a pastor's wife with two beautiful children, your words are such a blessing of what to look forward to as they grow in ministry at our side. I love the way you honor your Folks. I am sure you are a reason for great joy to them. May He bless you and keep you.